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Empowering businesses and redefining leisure.

What sets us apart is our all-in-one approach, seamlessly combining online event discovery, social invitations, online payments, and exclusive savings in a single user-friendly app, simplifying the entire socializing and outing experience for our users.

We're all about letting the numbers spill the tea! Our platform is here to spill those insights and help your business bloom in every direction.

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Tap into the advantages of teaming up with us for your business.

Brand Awareness

Through our app, we’ll catapult your venue into the spotlight, showcasing your unique offerings and irresistible deals, transforming your space into a hub of excitement and engagement for our discerning users.

Strategic Marketing

Introduce your venue and offerings to a fresh pool of potential customers, through cross promotion marketing strategies to diversify your marketing channels and reach your target audience through multiple touchpoints.

Customer Insights

Our platform empowers businesses to harness the power of customer insights, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience. By unlocking valuable customer data, our platform provides businesses with the knowledge to tailor their marketing strategies precisely, ensuring that their messaging resonates with the right customers at the right time.

Partnering with us is a win-win.

WHOSIN provides you with the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our platform is reliable and user-friendly, making it easy for you to manage your profile and track results.

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Full Control

You will have the capability to manage your profile using WHOS’IN’s backend. This grants you complete control over your venue’s details, enabling real-time editing. Additionally, updating your offers promptly and effortlessly will be within your reach.

WHOSIN App Exposure


Gain exposure through WHOSIN’s various features and placements, while also tapping into our pool of existing customers. WHOS’IN platform offers exclusive features for advertising your venue, including stories, shorts, push notifications, in-app advertisements, banners and more.

WHOSIN app Insights


Get to know real-time insights through WHOS’IN’s dashboard. Track claims on offers, use advanced analytics to understand your audience better.

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Plans And Pricing

Soft Package

In-app Promotion

  • 2 Push Notifications
  • 2 category banners
  • Slider home page placement
  • In-App Stories
  • Full analytics report

House package

In-app & Social Media Promotions

  • 2 Push Notifications
  • Social Media promotion (Stories & Social media posts)
  • 2 category banners
  • 2nd placement on home banner
  • Slider home page placement
  • In-App Stories
  • Full analytics report

Platinum Package

In-app & Social Media Promotion

  • 4 Push Notifications
  • Social Media promotion (Stories & Social media posts)
  • 3 category banners
  • 1st placement on home banner
  • Home page slider 1st placement
  • In-App Stories & Shorts
  • Full analytics report
  • Complimentary advertisement on WHOS’IN

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